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Mindset Rx'd Podcast

Apr 28, 2016

Hey guys, 

Here's the first of my book reviews on The Primal Blueprint.

My mission here is to provide you with only the salient information regarding this book - to cut out the filler and provide you with the hard hitting facts. This way you can apply the information without actually having to read the book.

Sorry it...

Apr 26, 2016

In today's episode of The Alpha Movement, I am joined by one of my favourite people - Corey Johnson. Corey is not only a world-class branding genius, but an expert on being present, grateful and genuine.

"The world is yours" was my favourite quote that came from Corey.

Check out another sweet episode of The Alpha...

Apr 24, 2016

Today, I am so lucky to have been joined by none other than Kriss Akabusi.

For those of you who don't know, Kriss competed for Great Britain in track and field for 8 years. In that time, he won an abundance of medals.

Following that, he had a big media career and he now does some fantastic motivational and mind-set...

Apr 15, 2016

It's time for me to take the mic to share the secret to a successful body transformation, the foundation of all my work with my private clients and the number one thing you can do to radically improve your recovery and therefore results.

That one thing will cut body fat, improve testosterone levels, reduce the effects...

Apr 12, 2016

Today's episode feature Doc Parsley, former Navy SEAL, physician and sleep specialist.

Sleep is my #1 thing to fix with all my private clients these days. If you aren't recovering fully, you CANNOT fulfil your potential.

There's enough here for both sleep newbies and experienced bio-hackers.

So many good quotes to...