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Mindset Rx'd Podcast

Jun 22, 2016

When you meet Jon Compton, you very quickly get the impression that he is a great coach - I don't know why... call it coach's intuition maybe...

That alone is reason enough to get Jon on the show.

But when you couple that with a fascinating back story and the fact that he has a unique view on training, you are bound to get a world class guest for the show.

Today's episode certainly doesn't disappoint.

00.37 - Help me and I'll help you

02.20 - Who is Jon Compton?

05.47 - Feeling sorry for yourself gets you nowhere

07.31 - Cew-cum-barr

09.30 - The start of a down turn and getting through dark times

13.21 - An unlikely hero

17.41 - Moving to Essex

18.58 - Joining the Army

21.45 - Keep on trucking

30.11 - Weightlifting: A champion is made

33.00 - New Beginnings

38.57 - The power of a good coach

42.31 - Kettlebells

45.15 - Making a living from fitness

47.00 - Balls!

49.55 - A big leap

53.38 - thoughts on CrossFit

1.00.37 - Strength Standards

1.04.00 - Routines and success

1.09.37 - Strange pheromones

1.10.08 - Another opportunity


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