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Mindset Rx'd Podcast

Jun 29, 2016

Today's podcast guest is Cory Gregory - what an honour to have the man himself on the show. There's so much applicable and useful information in this show that it's difficult to describe just how good this episode is!


02:15 – Where does the mind-set come from?

04:28 – Building confidence from the beginning

07:09 – The steps to success

09:23 – Working in a coal mine

13:13 – Getting farm boy strong

16:00 – Finding a mentor

19:11 – Success without a silver spoon

24:58 – What to do when days aren’t as good as they could be

28:43 – Steroids

33:15 – Morning Routines

38:03 – Squat Every Day

46:50 – The downside of the conjugate system

49:00 – one piece of advice for Cory’s 17 year old self

50:00 – Anabolic Fasting

53:58 – An unusual response…

57:01 – An incredible weekend of competition

1:00:38 – A stress-free diet

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