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Mindset Rx'd Podcast

May 2, 2017

Welcome to The Alpha Movement Podcast and to this episode of the Mindset Rx'd Series. On today's show, I'm joined by Logan Gelbrich of Deuce Gym.

I first heard of Logan on the Barbell Shrugged Podcast where the focus was more on Strongman activities. Since then, he's been referred to as an excellent coach, leader and thinker by a handful of coaches I respect.

His journey into CrossFit is unsual; as Logan is more than willing to admit, he's not a natural choice for a coach. Which is why, I think, he is such an excellent coach.

We discuss:

-How coaches can cultivate a growth mindset instead of a fixed one
-Why you need to become obsessed with one particular aspect of coaching
-What makes an AWFUL coach
-And we get off topic as you could imagine

I recorded this episode a few days back, but it's fresh in my mind as one of the best podcasts in the Mindset Rx'd Series.