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Mindset Rx'd Podcast

Jun 6, 2017

Welcome to this episode of the Mindset RX'd series of The Alpha Movement Podcast. Today I'm joined by Tom Kendall. Now, after hearing the most recent episodes with CrossFit Games athletes and coaches, you may be thinking "who's this?".

Tom, or TK, is a coach and athlete who is mid way through my Inner Athlete Performance Camp - and yes, this is partly a way of me bringing awareness of my mindset coaching to your attention. But, there is no way I would be releasing it as an episode if I didn't think it was jam packed with information which could help you become a better athlete and coach.

On listening back, I also found it hugely inspiring.

This was meant to be edited down, but there's just so much good stuff for you to hear (including the bird noise from TK's garden).

We take a few minutes to warm up into it, but once we get going, we touch on some incredibly important subjects:

-Finding YOUR why and who you are really trying to become
-Becoming consistent in training, nutrition and mobility
-Harnessing the power of self-talk