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Mindset Rx'd Podcast

Aug 10, 2017

On today's show, I am speaking to two guests, first of whom is Spoken-Word/rap artist, actor, entrepreneur and master of a million other things, Scroobius Pip. If you don't know Pip's work, I can't recommend it enough. It may seem a touch weird that I have him as a guest, but there's a reason: not only is Pip a Crossfitter, but the nature of his work is in the power of choosing the best words possible.


When we're controlling our self-talk, we're essentially choosing words and phrases which lead to a more positive emotion, change the story we tell ourselves and eventually change our actions. The other part of the reason he is on, is because he's a really cool person to meet and is fantastcially successful in multiple areas. Success leaves clues as Jim Rohn once said.


Alongside Pip, I'm speaking to the coach who does his programming, Sam Marshall. Sam is the owner of CrossFit Chester Le Street up in Newcastle. Any of you non-brits listening are in for an interesting game of translate that accent! He's a truly great coach whose care is obvious and whose passion is palpable. What's more, he has been through an interesting story which is sure to inspire a few of you guys to do amazing things.


Topics we cover are plentiful in this hour and 45 minute episode but we STILL didn't get around to al of my questions. Anyway, this was a really enjoyable show to record. If you like this longer form style of interview, let me know on the socials.



Before we get into the show itself though, a tiny bit of hosuekeeping.


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Secondly, I hope you all enjoyed a fantastic CrossFit Games. Personally, I thought it was the best one yet. I wrote an article which you will definitely want to check out if you're interested in the way Mindset Plays a role in functional fitness. I've extracted all the techniques and strategies Brent FIkowski used to overcome all the things which stand against him. Essentially, it's how to create the mindset Fikowski posseses. If you head to or google the name of the article "How To Steal Brent Fikowski's Mindset" you will find it there.


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Now, I bring you, Scroobius Pip and Sam Marshall.