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Mindset Rx'd Podcast

Aug 16, 2017

Welcome to another episode of the Mindset Rx’d Series of The Alpha Movement Podcast. On today’s show, I’m joined by Erin Mackenzie aka Erin Carafo. Erin was bought to my attention when her husband, Brian Mackenzie (of Power Speed Endurance, XPT and now Unplugged fame) mentioned in passing that “no one can out suffer her”.


Erin rowed for the United States and won Olympic Gold Medals in Beijing and London.


As well as talking about embracing intensity and the techniques Erin used, we also discuss how to deal with the transition of elite athlete to, well, not being an elite athlete. On top of this, Erin talks through her approach to hardship. It’s great to hear from someone who has competed at such a high level and who has a clear perspective.


What I find super interesting is that Erin says she never absolutely loved rowing, but realised she was good at it.


Super enjoyable show all round.