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Mindset Rx'd Podcast

Aug 23, 2017

 Today is another great example of that where my guest and I focus on a surprisingly simple yet astonishingly powerful tool you can use to not only discover what’s holding you back but catapult your trajectory towards your goals. That tool is language. Today’s guest is the master of this subject, Mark England from Procabulary. The lessons Mark has taught me have next to eliminated procrastination whilst boosting my self-belief. What he talks about may sound simple, but through my thousands of hours of coaching, the best cues (whether mindset or training-based) always are.


Simplicity + Consistency – Success after all.


A couple of pieces of housekeeping. This podcast is growing ridiculously quickly, yet it can reach more people. If you feel it’s benefited you, tell a friend or two and leave a review on iTunes. Only 5* though of course.


Next, I’m opening another Inner Athlete Performance Camp where you will master your Inner Athlete by learning how to give everything you can in WODs, develop intense mental strength and create the mindset that the best in the world possess.


For those who want to create the champ’s mindset, head to or send me an email on and you’ll see a bunch of athletes who have all been through the process.