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Mindset Rx'd Podcast

Apr 14, 2017

Welcome to the alpha movement podcast and another episode of the Mindset Rx'd series. Today on the show, I'm joined by the one, the only, Robb Wolf to discuss both the personal and cultural changes needed to overcome the western world's appalling approach to nutrition.

Robb needs very little introduction, but it's suffice to say he's scultped the world of CrossFit as much as anyone else and is evoking a paradigm shift that few others can claim.

He's the author of The Paleo Solution and his new book, Wired to Eat. He hosts a HUGELY popular podcast, The Paleo Solution Podcast. There is so much more to say, but I'll summarise it with this; when Robb puts out anything, it's worth taking an interest. When he puts out a new book with this much hype, it's a must have in your collection.

We delve into the principles that underpin Wired to Eat, which gets deep into why it's a miracle to NOT be fat, sick and diabetic at this time.

In particular, we answer the following questions:

-What is the personal mindset we need to adopt in order to master our nutrition
-Why cultural (and socioeconomic change) is needed to truly solve the problem.
-How to develop complience in nutrition programs (how to EVENTUALLY stick to that nutrition plan)
-Finding what works for YOU as an individual and customising an approach according to that
-Isolating your intolerances
-How your mind a physiology are interconnected.
- And SO much more.

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